Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I know that it's useless..My longing that's for you
But I just can't help it..It's all that gets me through
I love talking to you and that you can trust me
I know you can't see this but you should be happy
I know you deserve it even if you think not
If you open your eyes,you might see what you've got
I know that we love you and you should know that too
The people around you..They all care; we all do
Maybe when you see this,then you just might see me
I'm here waiting for you and here is where I'll be
I've been here for some time,so this you may not know
I'm waiting for you still won't let my feelings show
I've tried saying something last time it all screwed up
and now it's all better..So should I just shut up?
I don't want to hurt this our friendship is too good
but somehow I want more.I don't know if I should

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